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Failure to Chalk or Mark

By taking part in any EDO tournament you have a responsibility to mark/chalk one subsequent match on the same board or one designated by the control table.

The England Darts Organisation believe it is only fair that a dart player's obligation to mark/chalk after losing is enforced without exception, unless released from that obligation by the draw controllers.

If you lose, you must mark/chalk or provide a replacement. If you are unable to mark or chalk for whatever reason you must find a replacement and make sure they fulfil your obligation in a proper manner. If someone agrees to mark/chalk for you and fails to fulfil your obligation you are still liable for the failure to chalk penalty.

The ultimate responsibility cannot be passed on to a third party, no excuses.

If you need to leave the darts area after your game and before you mark/chalk, for whatever reason, you must notify the control person that controls the group you were playing in, and agree a return time. This time must be adhered to.

If there is not likely to be a game on your losing board you may be asked to mark/chalk on a different board or you may be released from your obligation, this release must be confirmed in person by your group controller.

If there is a problem or delay between matches, please inform the control table who will advise you accordingly.

If you leave the darting area without release or consent by the control desk and you subsequently fail to respond to a request or announcement to attend a board, relevant details will be recorded on a failure to mark/chalk form and a penalty will be enforced.

The penalty for failing to fulfil your obligation to mark/chalk is a fine of  £10.00  This penalty is the same for youth, pairs and triples as it is for singles, each player in pairs and triples carries the same responsibility as a single player.

Until the fine is paid, all players named on the failure to chalk notice will be debt barred from all further matches, any finals and all future tournaments hosted by the England Darts Organisation.


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